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AFP Imaging

"ImageWorks is at the forefront of the technological needs of today's dental professionals; they understand dentists. Their broad-based product line incorporates many of the features and benefits I need to not only be successful in my dental practice, but in my imaging business as well."

~ Alan Winter, DDS, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dentistry, Department of Periodontology and Implantology at NYU College of Dentistry, President and Chairman of i-dontics, LLC


EVA Digital X-Ray Systems

Proven, Reliable and Affordable

EVA Digital X-Ray SensorBacked by the proven reliability of tens of thousands of installations, EVA provides more than just great value. This classically styled, rugged sensor is just a few millimeters thin, but delivers crisp, clear radiographs using virtually any intraoral X-ray unit.

EVA's value makes it an ideal choice for any practice - from large installations to even the most value-conscious practices. No other sensor delivers EVA's combination of superior image quality, ease of use and warranty assurance. 

Named as a Top 100 Product by Dentistry Today 2011!



  • Durable CMOS technology provides superior images using only a fraction of the power required by other digital sensor technologies
  • Impact resistant housings are designed to minimize damage from a biting patient
  • Sensor size #1 and #2 are similar to traditional films
  • Hot swapping sensors between multiple computers offers greater speed, convenience and value
  • Service multiple operatories with one sensor using the EVA docking station
  • Small, inexpensive docking stations fit in the palm of your hand and make expansion easy
  • 2-Year warranty for peace of mind
  • Made with pride in the USA

ImageWorks' Proprietary Dental Suite EVAsoft is designed to meet the needs of today's dental practice. The following EVAsoft video tutorials are designed to help you quickly understand the functions of EVAsoft software.
Understanding the Acquire Tab
Understanding the Chart View Tab
Understanding the Diagnosis View Tab
Understanding the Patient Tab
Understanding the Right Click
Understanding the Options Menu
Understanding the Layout Editor Video
Understanding the Image Filter Settings
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 EVA Dos and Don'ts

Rinn Patient Positioning Guide


ImageWorks' Proprietary Dental Suite for EVA systems is designed to meet the needs of today’s dental practice. The following links are helpful tutorials on the essentials of using ProImage for your practice, hosted by ImageWorks' Product Manager, Herb Clay.
Dent-X ProImage  - Essentials Part 1
Dent-X ProImage  - Essentials Part 2
Dent-X ProImage  - Essentials Part 3
Dent-X ProImage  - How to Export Images
Dent-X ProImage - How to Import Images
Dent-X ProImage  - Networking and Backup
Dent-X ProImage  - Creating Patient Documents