EvaSoft 4.0 Training Videos

Introduction to EvaSoft 4.0

Opening Volumes and Projects.

Navigating the Software Part 1

View Images in of the Various Tabs and Views.

Navigating the Software Part 2

Navigating the Location within the Volume, and Changing the Angle of the View.

Navigating the Software Part 3

Manipulating the 3D Reconstruction.

Tracing the Arch

Tracing the Nerve

Measurement Toolbar

Point to Point Measurement,  Tape Measurement,  Point to Point to Point,  Angular Measurement,  Bone Density Profile,  Area of a Measurement,  Text Annotations.

Placing an Implant

Saving a Project

 Saving a Project,  Adding a Description to the Project,  Locating the Project.

Burning to CD

Recording to a CD/DVD, or USB Drive.