Eva Select Digital Sensors

ImageWorks’ EVA Select digital sensors leverage CMOS technology to provide high resolution, diagnostic-quality images with wide latitude, sharp clarity and enhanced contrast. Whether you are converting to digital for the first time, or expanding your existing capabilities, we can help you.

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We have been doing dental imaging for over three decades (our company used to be Dent-x), and have helped thousands of dental offices make the most of their imaging systems.  Where we have had success with our Eva Select digital sensor is the return on investment:  fantastic image quality, great pricing, and no issues.

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An Intraoral Sensor that delivers ROI

Durable CMOS technology provides superior images using only a fraction of the power required by other digital sensor technologies


Works with most major imaging software


Impact-resistant housings are designed to minimize damage and wear from a biting patient


Fantastic resolution


Rounded corners and razor thin for comfort


Service multiple operatories with one sensor using the docking station

“Thank you for the excellent service and support with my EVA Select. I’ve been extremely happy. The tech support set up my new sensor system within a very short period of time for the computers in my office (It was my lunch hour). The price point is excellent and I would recommend this system to anyone who is looking for a good system at a reasonable cost.”

-Elliot Kessler DDS PC, New York, NY


The reliability of EVA Select sensors is backed by hundreds of installations ranging from single chair clinics to large dental chains. EVA Select offers a comfortable sensor design coupled with a high standard of technology.



Just a few millimeters thin, EVA Select sensors deliver crisp, clear radiographs with virtually any intraoral x-ray head. The CMOS imaging chip is designed for maximum durability. Fast USB connectivity delivers images to a computer monitor in seconds.



EVA Select’s value makes it an ideal choice for both large dental chains and value-conscious single practices.




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If you would like to have

  • Enormous new diagnostic information unlocked and at your fingertips

  • All members of your staff fully confident using the tools so they can focus their attention on patients not devices

  • Full confidence that you have a diligent and experienced support team in your corner to help you succeed

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